Older Travelers, useful information only for U

Older Travelers, useful information only for U

With increasing older U.S. citizens traveling abroad, the U.S. state Department wants to stay prepared so that they enjoy the trips. Here is some useful information for older travelers, if you are planning your trip:

  • Stay Connected: There are many ways to receive updates on safety and security information.
  • Consider Medical Insurance: Check the options of insurance as even Medicare is not useful to cover all your overseas medical costs. You may need to buy supplement insurance.
  • Beware of scams: At home or abroad, U. S. citizens become easy victims. There are different scam types and they all share common goal of monetary gain for scammers.

 Travel Documents

  • Ascertain your travel documents: Passports have validity of at least six months.
  • Check with your destination Travel Advisory here.
  • Check country information to verify if:
  • You require a visa
  • There is enough blank pages for entry stamps in your passport
  • Your passport is valid for a period of six months beyond the trip end; otherwise some countries do not let you enter.


Health & Medical Information

  • Medicare does not bear the overseas health care costs.
  • Visit your physician and consult 6 to 8 week before you scheduled day to travel overseas so that there is enough time for vaccination required.
  • There are short-term emergency assistance and health policies covering your overseas health care expenses. This naturally includes emergency medical evacuations as well as part of the emergency services.
  • Obtain health insurance covering dental treatment abroad and emergency medical attention, and also medical evacuation, if essential.


Medications and Pharmacies

  • Take prescription medication routinely and pack ample trip supply. Discuss for adjustments with your doctor about the medication schedule for time zones change.
  • Have doctor’s information regarding your condition to avoid delays or questions at immigration or customs. Keep medications in their labeled original containers.
  • Check with the Consulate or Embassy of the country you have visiting plans to ascertain the medications are not illegal substances under the local laws.


For mobility difficulties, settle on a wheelchair use as requirement. At the same time determine the accommodation access for public facilities, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, bathrooms, and other public spaces.

  Financial Information

  • Inform your credit card company or bank that you are traveling overseas and they should not freeze your account. Check if they have international banking partners to withdraw funds or deposit safely if required.
  • Bring along travelers checks as ATM service is not secure or widely available. You can carry major credit cards one or two.
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