Diet Rules for Seniors to Fight Anemia

Diet Rules for Seniors to Fight Anemia


Foods that are rich in iron are essential to fight anemia in old age. It is the active intake of this substance that contributes to the hemoglobin level in the blood improving your overall well-being.


The main sources of iron are considered to be protein foods, vegetables, and fruits. In this case, it is required to minimize the amount of consumption of fat.


Be sure to add to the diet fresh and natural juices, berries, and greens.


You can not combine dairy and iron-containing products in your day to day diet. It is the dairy products that violate the absorption of iron in your body.


It is important not only to consume a sufficient amount of foods containing iron but also to ensure it is absorbed in the right manner in your body. That is why it is recommended to remove foods that contain vitamin C from the diet.


If there is a decrease in hemoglobin concentration, you should avoid the intake of:




These substances are found in legumes, walnuts, whole grains and chocolate. If you can not give up legumes, before cooking they should be soaked in cold water and left for 12 hours. Thanks to this procedure, the negative impact of this product on the body can be reduced.




The maximum concentration of these substances is present in black tea and coffee. It is a coffee drink that reduces the amount of iron absorbed by the body by half. It is allowed to use herbal teas and cocoa, but only in limited quantities.


may also prevent the full absorption of iron in the body. We also don’t suggest you consume dairy products, since they contain plenty of calcium in them.


Phytic acid

These substances are contained in oilseeds, legumes, cereals.

Each of the above substances can prevent the absorption of iron in your body.

Taking into account the age of the patient and the characteristics of his/her body, the doctor may recommend a specific treatment procedure. Nonetheless, the greatest success can be achieved with the combination of diet and medications.

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