Analyzing Medicare Supplement Plans Offering Maximum Coverage

There are ten Medicare supplement plans for 2019 available in the market, and while all of them offer you supplementary advantages over your Medicare policies, there are of course some differences, and according to which you can analyze which one offers you the maximum coverage on your out of pocket expenses. Now, while you seek for the most advantageous plan you also have to take note of the fact, that the plan which covers your maximum supplements medical expenses will also call for according premium rates. This is the reason why you must consider certain deciding factors like

  • Your Budget
  • The coverage offered by your main Medicare plan
  • Your medical history, health, even family medical history in order to estimate potential emergencies of future

Common Benefits with Medicare Supplement Plans

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance hospital charges which one needs to pay after the coverage period is over
  • Medical Part B 20% of all your medical expenses
  • Blood tests, however first 3 pints are covered by any Medicare
  • SNF coinsurance that is skilled nurse facility care required by patients
  • Copayment or coinsurance of any hospice care included
  • Deductibles of main Medicare policy
  • Foreign Travel expenses for any medical purpose
  • Copayment of Part B
  • Coinsurance as per Part B for preventive care


Now, if you are looking for 1200% payment of all you’re out of pocket expenses in medical purposes out of your Medicare coverage, then it is obviously best to go with   Plan F. This is complete end to end supportive supplement plan. However, since this plan offers comprehensive 100% coverage on your extra expenses, the premium scale is definitely higher than other. But if you have restrains on your budget limit, you can also try out Plan N and Plan G which also offers extensive range of coverage, though you need to do a bit of cost sharing.

The Plan G extensively offers you an edge over the extra costing that you need to pay from your pocket with Medicare Part B. If you cannot afford to pay the high premiums of Medicare supplement Plans F then it is recommended to take up Plan G which also offers quite similar coverage on your Part B deductibles. But the best part it, all these plans are standardized and from whichever company you take them as per premium differences, the benefits are going to be all the same.